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Immigration Lawyer in San Antonio​

    Immigration lawyer san antonio

    To live the American dream here in Texas, Immigration Lawyer in San Antonio is here to help you. We get it, everyone has got the right to pursue greener pastures in the land of opportunity, and with the best attorneys on our roster, we can make your goals into reality.

    Families have got the right to stay together, you have got to be with your family member, special someone, or be given a fighting chance to build a fruitful career or endeavor. Talk to us and we will make it our passion to realize your aspirations.

    We will be with you every step of the way and help you learn all the things that you need to know about immigration-related matters and the application process. Whether it’s family immigration law, green card application, immigration visa, or naturalization we have got you covered.

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    Years of Experience

    We offer a variety of immigration-related services. Trust us when we say that we are here to hold your hand until the day comes that you’ve realized what you intend to do. We know how complicated the United States’ immigration law can be so we’re here to make things simple for you.

    Defining Success

    We a team of expert attorneys in San Antonio Texas, we will go above and beyond to get you that stamp of approval. Our services range from family-based immigration, naturalization and citizenship, marriage green card, and many more.

    immigration lawyer in san antonio
    Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed with Immigration Process

    Common Practice Areas For Our Immigration Process San Antonio

    Immigrant Investor & Business Permission
    US Treaty Rights
    US Citizenship
    Work Permit
    Family Reunification
    Judicial Issues
    Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

    Got an Issue with Immigration Process? You name it, we will support you!

    Consular processing

    We are the best law office in san antonio and we can guide you with status adjustment if you are abroad and can’t enter the US or are already in the country.

    Childhood arrivals deferred action

    You can be eligible for the new deferred action program that gives those who entered the US illegally when they were a child.

    Inadmissibility waivers

    Pursue your much-needed waiver if you are inadmissible to live in the US.

    Other immigration services

    Other immigration-related services we will also help you with includes, writs of mandamus, employer compliance, ICE audits, and asylum.

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    immigration lawyer in san antonio us treaty rights
    immigration lawyer in san antonio business permission
    immigration lawyer in san antonio services

    When Is The Right Time to Engage an immigration lawyers?

    Family Based Immigration

    We are the best law firm here in San Antonio TX. We will help you reunite with your family member. We will explore all the options available for those who’s got relatives in the US that are citizens or permanent residents.

    The key here is efficiency and we understand that fully. We won’t lie, it’s going to get challenging but navigating through the complexities of this immigration hurdle is what we do.

    We will help you:

    • Application process
    • Get green cards for relatives, individuals and families
    • Get a visa for your spouse or fiance
    • Immigration visa, Investor visa
    • Adjustments of status
    • Removal of the conditions of residence
    • Petitions under CSPA or Child Status Protection Act
    • Removal proceedings
    • All other family law issues

    With a team of dedicated and the best immigration lawyers, we offer not only quality but modern immigration law services.


    Naturalization and Citizenship

    Immigration Attorneys will make sure that you have the best naturalization lawyer at your side is a must. This is to ensure that you will have not only simplified but also a far less stressful way to get your naturalization and citizenship handled.

    If you are eligible, then we will find ways to get you that citizenship minimizing any complexities and obstacles along the way.

    We will:

    • Guide you until you complete all the paper works necessary for N-400 submission
    • Help you navigate the complexities of the system in immigration court. 
    • Help you make sure that all other documents you need are in order
    • Have your best interest in mind
    • Give you a ton of advice for the naturalization test
    • Be your representative in the interview for naturalization
    • Protect your rights at all cost should the application for naturalization be rejected or denied

    Take note that it would take a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney to help get through the process of naturalization and citizenship if you have stayed abroad for an extended time and have tax or criminal problems. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services can be contacted through the details provided on their contact page.

    Our experienced attorneys will help you resolve your immigration issues

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    Immigration Law Related FAQs

    A green card is issued by the USCIS or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to provide proof for a person’s lawful and permanent resident status. You will then have the authorization that you need to work or live anywhere in the US.

    Green cards are usually renewed after 10 years with conditional green cards that are based on either investment or marriage should be replaced every 2 years.

    A green card holder or what we call a lawful permanent resident is a foreign national who’s authorized to live as well as work in the US. You may sponsor your relative for green cards and eventually become US citizens through specific applications.

    If you already have a work visa then yes you may apply for work. Insufficient documents, mistakes on the forms, no or insufficient financial resources, or any failure to demonstrate your eligibility are just some reasons your green card application might be denied. So always be sure to have the best immigration lawyers to help you out.